Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sexy Hot African Women - Joelle Kayembe

Sexy Hot African Women - Joelle Kayembe

Sexy Hot African Women - Joelle Kayembe

So there’s not a whole lot of information about Joelle Kayembe, but from what I gather, she is a South African model and has posed in a number of Western spreads including FHM. I’ve also not showcased a lot of black beauties on this blog so I wanted to show one of the best.

I think that FHM coined it correctly when they called her “Hot Chocolate”. This girl is beautiful… beautiful and smoking sexy! This is not one of those approachable girls that I like to showcase, however. Looking at this picture, you can see that her body is just absolutely gorgeous. You just want to start at the top and kiss every inch of her. Her eyes pierce right through you, her skin is smooth with a deep dark tone. Her lips! Oh my God, those lips are fantastic. What I imagine those lips doing just drives me crazy. She has beautifully natural breasts and there actually are some other curves to her body as well. The stilettos are a nice touch, too.

Let me finish by saying that the way Joelle is posed in this picture is quite dirty. I mean, her legs are spread apart and her facial impression is almost daring you to ravage her. I’m sure I couldn’t handle her, but I’d love to give it a go.

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