Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sexy Hot African Women - Pearl Amoah (Ghana)

Sexy Hot African Women - Pearl Amoah

Sexy Hot African Women - Pearl Amoah

As a gesture of good faith, I decided to extend an olive branch to the people of Ghana after the honorable defeat of the US in the World Cup. That gesture is to introduce Ghana into the blog through the extremely sexy Pearl Amoah. Pearl is a Ghanian model was runner up for Miss Ghana in 1994 and then was later crowned Miss Universe Ghana in 1996. Through the pageant circuit, she gained a very successful career in modeling. Amoah has modeled all throughout Africa as well as the United States, Paris, London, and Germany. In 1999, Pearl won the Ebony Africa Model of the Year Award.

This picture shows a very sophisticate African queen. She actually almost looks upset in a French pouty kind of way. Her hair is sleek and soft (although that may be a wig). You can see her soft black skin and gorgeous neckline. Her lips are full and plump and you just want to kiss them all night long as well as have them kiss you and many parts of you. She’s wearing a tiger print negligee that conceals her body actually. She has a beautiful body with beautiful breasts and legs. It’s a shame you can’t see them here.

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