Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sexy Hot African Women - Charlize Theron

Sexy Hot African Women - Charlize Theron

Sexy Hot African Women - Charlize Theron

OK, so I’m challenging you with the first photo. These are hot African women, not necessarily beautiful black women. Charlize is from South Africa and it's not overstating it that she is a true African queen. Now, the truth is that this blog will contain primarily beautiful black women from African descent, but I wanted to showcase one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world, much less in just the African sub-group. Charlize Theron has a look that is not common in Hollywood. She has a sex appeal that is unprecedented and you will be mesmerized by her look and hypnotized by her.

She has starred in a number of great movies during her career, but she captured my heart when I saw the movie “Sweet November” when she played a woman dying of a terminal illness opposite Keanu Reeves. That part showed her sexiness, but also her vulnerability. You will find that that combination is what does it for me every time. Many women are just drop dead gorgeous. Not that many can show a sweet unsure side of themselves as well.

This picture shows Charlize in her best. This photo shows her just dripping with sex appeal. Although she’s not wearing any clothes, you can’t see anything you shouldn’t. The first thing you notice is the look she’s giving the camera. She is literally making love with the camera. She’s looking through, not with a sweet look, but with a “I will destroy you” look. Her hair is wet and slicked back in a bad girl way which complements the overall look. You see a little bit of her small breasts , but that doesn’t take away from Charlize. She is hot, hot, hot! There is no way around it.

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